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What is a handbag logo label?

LV Handbag with logo label on the center of top part
From LV website

The handbag logo label is a small thing that is installed on the handbag and marked with the handbag Logo.

Usually, the labels are small. But some labels are very large, taking up about 1/4 or more of the area of the handbag.

The main function of the label is to show consumers the brand of the handbag, reflect the brand image, deepen consumers’ understanding of the brand, and win consumers’ recognition of the brand.

Common types of handbag labels

According to different materials, common handbag Logo labels are classified into the following categories: washed label, woven label, rubber label, PU label, metal label, and paper label.

washed labels for handbags

Washed label: The washing label, or care label, is mainly made of polyester, and the LOGO, compositions, and care suggestions of the handbag are printed on it through a certain process.

Generally speaking, the washing label is mainly sewn on the lower part of the inside of the handbag, which is not very conspicuous. And sewed it together with the origin label, or directly print the origin information on the washing label.

woven labels for handbags

Woven label: There are a variety of materials that can be used to make woven labels, the most common being taffeta and cotton.

The woven label is mainly to weave the handbag LOGO on the taffeta or cotton cloth through the process of embroidery or weaving.

The woven label is usually sewn on the inner lining of the handbag (that is, under the inner zipper pocket), or sewn on the surface of the fabric handbag.

rubber labels for handbags

Rubber label: Rubber label is a popular handbag logo label in recent years, the main component is PVC. It has a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, which can greatly meet the various requirements of designers.

Rubber labels were originally used primarily on sports bags, but are now commonly used on fashion bags as well.

PU labels for handbags

PU label: PU labels are one of the most common and cheapest labels. It is cut from PU or PVC fabric, and the handbag LOGO is embossed or engraved on the surface through a heated mold.

To cover up the rough edges, some edge painting is usually applied on the side of the PU label to make it more beautiful.

Follow our blog for edge painting content, which we’ll cover in our next post.

Metal labels for handbags

Metal label: Metal labels are as common as PU labels, but are much more expensive than PU labels and also give the bag a more upscale look.

paper label, hang tag for handbags

Paper label: Paper labels are what we often call hang tags, which generally contain information such as model, material, color, price, and barcode.

To show their personality, many handbag brands will also add some unique elements to the hang tag to attract consumers’ attention.

What is the best location to put your logo label on a handbag?

Now that we’ve looked at the common types of handbag logo labels, what’s the best place to sew them on a handbag?

According to our more than ten years of production experience, the position of the handbag logo label is mainly divided into two categories, namely internal labels and external labels.

Inner labels of handbag

The inner label generally includes washed label, woven label, or PU label.

The washed label is generally sewn on the inner corner of the handbag, which is not conspicuous and does not hinder the use, such as the lower left corner or the lower right corner.

Woven or PU labels are usually sewn under the interior zipper pocket to complement the exterior labels.

handbag with metal label on the center of top
backpack with label on the side pocket edge

The external labels generally adopt one of PU label, rubber, label and metal label, and together with a hang tag.

The front of the bag is the preferred position for the external logo label, such as the upper center position, the lower right corner position, etc.

If the front of the bag is full of embroidery, printing, or other patterns, it is not suitable to add an external logo label, you can consider putting it on the side of the bag.

The most suitable place to hang the paper label is the handle of the bag. If there is no handle, it can be hung on hardware, such as D rings, square rings, zipper pullers, etc.

How to customize handbag logo labels?

If you are a new buyer or just started the handbag business, maybe you have this question, how to customize my company brand logo label? Don’t worry, just read the article below.

customized washed labels for handbag, with composition, care tips and original information

For washed labels and PU labels (embossed or engraved), they have no MOQ.

You just need to provide all the details to your handbag supplier; they will help you finish and sew them on handbags.

Of course, your supplier will show you or send you label samples for approval before mass production.

customized metal labels for handbags

For woven labels, rubber labels, metal labels, and paper labels (hang tags), their MOQ is 1500 to 2500 pcs each. It depends on different suppliers.

First, complete your logo label artwork, such as AI or PDF files, and send them to your supplier.

Then, your supplier will give you a rough price, MOQ, reference delivery date, and model fee (if any).

Once you confirm the cost, your supplier will start the sample-making and show you the samples when finished.

After modifying and confirming your logo label samples, your supplier will start mass production of your labels.

Above is the simple process to customize your brand logo label. If you have any questions or needs in this regard, we can help you solve them. Please get in touch with our team.


The above is our knowledge sharing about the handbag logo label, if you have different opinions or questions, welcome to discuss them with us.

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