How To Import Handbags From China

Handbags are common consumer goods in our daily life. 90% of women own 3 or more handbags. More than 80% of women will change 1-2 new handbags every season, so they always stand at the forefront of fashion.

Such a high frequency of new replacements makes handbags a large and lucrative market.

So how can you import better quality and newer styles of handbags from China to get a piece of the market?

Type of handbags

As known, handbags can be divided into many types, and the scenes and functions of each handbag are different. Therefore, before making a decision, we must understand the common types of handbags. Here are the 7 most common types of handbags:

Hobo Bag

Blue PU Leather Hobo Bag

A hobo bag is a style of handbag that is typically large and characterized by a crescent shape, a slouchy posture, and a long strap designed to wear over the shoulder. Hobo bags are made out of soft, flexible materials and tend to slump, or slouch when set down.

Soft genuine leather and faux leather are two of the most common materials for hobo bags.

The hobo bag is perfect for many occasions, whether it’s work, daily, or a short trip. Every woman has a hobo bag in her closet.

For more about hobo bags, you can visit the below link:

Tote bag

A tote bag is a large and structured bag with parallel handles that emerge from the sides of its pouch. When you go out shopping, it is a nice choice.

Crossbody bag

A distinctive feature of them is at least one long adjustable shoulder strap that can be worn across the body to hang the bag over the shoulder and keep your hands free.

Some styles may come with 2-3 different straps. With different shoulder straps, you can get different styles, which saves costs.

Going to school, shopping with friends, carrying a crossbody bag is a good idea.

Bucket bag

A tall bag with a roughly rounded bottom that closes with a drawstring, usually with a single handle, is the bucket bag.

Boston bag

A Boston bag is a travel or general-purpose bag, usually oblong at the bottom, oval at the sides, with a zippered opening at the top, held together by two handles that can be dropped. Some styles are together with a detachable shoulder strap.

Waist bag

1 style 5 colors waist bag

A waist bag, also called a fanny pack, belt bag, or bum bag is a small fabric or leather bag worn like a belt around your waist by an adjustable strap.

People like to use fanny packs when running, so that they can put their small items, such as mobile phones, change, keys, and so on.

Since 2018, fanny packs have exploded in popularity as a high street accessory.

Clutch bag

Small or medium pouches, hand-carried or under the arm, made of fabric, leather, or faux leather and embellished with diamonds or other embellishments, are popular at an evening party.

Top 5 bags production areas in China

In addition to handbags, you may also import other bags from China, let us know the main production areas in China.

Guangzhou City

There are 2 handbag production bases in Guangzhou, with obvious differences.

Baiyun District

The handbag factory in Baiyun District mainly produces high-end leather bags with skilled workers. If your company mainly produces high-end leather bags, it is good to choose suppliers in Baiyun District, but the price is always not cheap.   

Shiling Town, Huadu District

Shiling International Leather Center

Shiling Town is famous all over the world for its production of artificial leather bags. Quality is good and the price is lower than genuine leather bags.

Close to one of the world’s largest artificial leather material markets, it is easy to purchase materials for your order, no matter is large or small.

Dongguan City

Dongguan City is a famous manufacturing capital of the world. Many handbag factories are very large, employing more than 1,000 people.

If you are a super-large chain store or fast fashion brand with a single order of more than 100,000 pieces, maybe you can visit some factories in Dongguan.

Quanzhou City

If you are a sports or outdoor brand, maybe you can find a lot of handbag manufacturers in Quanzhou. Their main products are sports bags and outdoor travel bags.

Pinghu City

Pinghu City is famous for its luggage. If your main product is luggage, please go to Pinghu to find a manufacturer suitable for your brand.

Baigou Town, Baoding City

If you are looking for cheap handbags, Baigou Town is a good place. For the same handbag, the price of Baigou may only be two-thirds of that of Shiling, or even lower.

Their styles are mainly Chinese style, and most of them are in stock for small wholesale.

Find a suitable handbag supplier in China

Now, you have learned about the main industrial bases of luggage and handbags in China and briefly know their characteristics. So, how to find the right handbag supplier?


If your friend has imported handbags from China before, it would be better and safer to ask her/him for help. Chinese suppliers are also more willing to trust new customers introduced by old customers.


Canton Fair

Canton Fair – Phase 3

Canton Fair, is the largest and most popular exhibition in China, where you can find thousands of suppliers and discuss with them face to face. The handbag exhibition is held in the 3rd phase.

HKDTC Hong Kong Gift & Premium Fair

The Gifts & Premium Fair is organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), usually held 3-5 days earlier than the Canton Fair.

If you don’t want to meet your suppliers in mainland China, maybe Hong Kong is a good choice.

B2B websites

Here are the top 3 China B2B websites where you can negotiate business online with thousands of handbag suppliers from China.

But it is best to visit the factory before placing an order.


Made In China:

Global Sources:

Google Search

Google, is the biggest search site. We use it every day.


We use SNS such as LinkedIn and Facebook every day. Maybe you didn’t know they are also a tool for finding suppliers from all over the world.

Bags market

If you come to China, you can find various suppliers directly from the bags market, such as Sanyuanli Bags Market in Guangzhou and Yiwu Market.

Company VS Manufacturer, which is better?

Through the above methods, you have found many suppliers, some are trading companies, and some are manufacturers, but which type of supplier is more suitable for you?

There is no definite answer to this, it depends on your company’s order.

If you have a large order quantity and focus on design and development, then the company will be a better choice. Because many companies do a better job than manufacturers in terms of design and development.

If your order quantity is large, but the style is relatively single or does not change frequently, then a professional manufacturer is more suitable, because production is more important than design.

If your order quantity is not large, small and medium-sized companies or manufacturers are both ok. The prices are not much different, but the service is all good.

Company1. Focus on design and development.
2. Flexible MOQ
3. Not only bags but also can help you purchase clothes, shoes, etc.
Not direct production, need to pay more attention to quality control.
Manufacturer1. Product directly, easy to make a schedule, and quality control.
2. Product quality is more stable.
Less flexible than a company

Discuss with your handbag suppliers


Tell the supplier your order quantity at the beginning, even if it is a reference quantity.

Because some materials or craftsmanship may require large quantities. If quantities cannot be met, your supplier will give you some suggestions or ideas to give you a more favorable price while meeting the design as much as possible.


If you have your designs, please send them to your supplier and discuss with them. If necessary, a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)can be signed with your supplier.

Most suppliers can provide design services, just tell them what you have in mind. They can help you with design work and make samples.

Material & color

What is the mission of your company?

What is the price range of your products?

What materials are the most popular handbags in the local market made of?

What are the most popular colors in the local market?

What colors are popular this year?

Ask yourself, and you’ll know what material & color are best for your handbags.

Genuine leather, faux leather, vegan leather, fabric, and more.

Black, brown, blue, green, yellow, pink, etc.


From design to production, always need to make 1 or more samples.

For this project, be more patient. Give comments on samples promptly, listen to the supplier’s feedback, and modify the samples as soon as possible before starting the next step.

Test request

If you are from Europe, America, Canada, Oceania, or some other countries, some test reports may be required to import handbags that comply with local market regulations. Such as REACH, Prop 65, etc.

Don’t worry. Now, most of the domestic materials in China can meet these requirements, just inform your suppliers in advance.

Lead time

This is an important thing. It determines when your product can be delivered to your country and hit the shelves for sale.

Generally speaking, the delivery time of Uncle Nine Leather is 45 days from the confirmed order and received deposit. Sometimes it is possible to accept some rush orders according to the production schedule.


Here are the 5 most popular Incoterms, EXW, FOB, CIF, DAP & DDP.

Learn difference of incoterms from below photo

Incoterm Differences Reference Table

If you are doing import business for the first time, it is strongly recommended that you choose CIF, DAP, or DDP.

Price & Payment

Your payment method always affects the price.

Here are the 3 most common payment methods:

T/T, 30% in advance, balance against the copy of B/L.

30% advance by T/T, balance paid off by L/C at sight.

100% L/C at sight.

If your company uses other payment methods, please don’t worry, discuss with your supplier patiently. You will find a win-win solution.

Ship handbags from China to your country

Shipping by sea

When confirming to make samples of your design, you should consider how to ship the samples to your company

Usually, suppliers can provide some free samples, but customers should pay for the express cost. Just provide your courier collect account to the supplier and they will ship samples under your account, such as DHL, UPS, FedEx & TNT.

This is a win-win outcome.

For mass production, express delivery is not a good choice. You need to consider shipping by air, by sea, or by rail.

Here are their pros and cons.

Shipping MethodPROSCONS
By AirVery fast. 7 to 10 days for worldwide delivery.The cost is super expensive.
By SeaShip to all countries. The cost is not high.Need more time. Some countries need about 2 months.
By RailwayFaster than by sea, and cheaper than by air.Only can ship to some countries in Europe and Asia

Below is the time reference table for shipping from China to other parts of the world.

Countries & AreaShipping Time (By sea)
South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan2-3 days
Southeast Asia7-10 days
South Asia12-15 days
Australia, New ZealandAbout 20 days
Middle East18-25 days
North Africa25-35 days
Europe30-40 days
East AfricaAbout 30 days
West AfricaAbout 35 days
North America West12-15 days
North America East25-30 days
Central America25-30 days
South America35-40 days

Import Documents and Duties

After arranging shipment, you need to prepare import documents as soon as possible. Then you can arrange customs clearance as soon as the goods arrive at your port.

A packing list and a commercial invoice are two of your most common must-have documents. In some countries, a test report is also required.

For some countries, import duties can be reduced if your supplier can provide you with a CO (Certificate of Origin).

Who is responsible for import duties depends on your Incoterms with your supplier.


To import handbags from China easily, you should find a reliable handbag supplier that provides a one-stop service of design, development, search, customization, and production.

Uncle Nine Leather is a professional handbag manufacturer that provides a one-stop service. It is located in Shiling Town and provides customers with a wide range of bags of high quality and affordable prices. Small MOQ and fast delivery time. Welcome your inquiry and cooperate with us.


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