6 Handbag Trends You Need to Know for 2023

With the passing of the Chinese New Year in 2023, China, the world’s factory, has begun to recover again. Various handbag factories are busy producing all kinds of handbags for customers all over the world.

As a handbag designer, you may still be racking your brains for fall/winter 2023 styles.

As an ordinary consumer, you may still be at a loss for choosing the new spring and summer handbags of major brands in 2023.

Let us, a handbag supplier for more than 10 years, combine our production experience and orders from major brands to analyze the fashion trend of handbags in 2023.

Handbag Trend 2023: Classic Top-handle Bag

If you ask us, what bags are always in style? That must be the top-handle bag.

No matter how fashion trends change from year to year, top-handle bags always have a place. Maybe it’s just a change in shape, color, or size.

Looking at the official websites of major brands, such as LV, and Gucci, it is not difficult to find that top-handle bags are still one of the most popular bags.

LV top-handle bag
Gucci top-handle bag

Sophisticated looks with simple, functional handles and, in some styles, long, detachable shoulder straps make for a perfect combination. Whether by hand or on the shoulder, you can always find the way that best suits your style.

Handbag Trend 2023: Supersized Bag

“The bigger the tote, the better the bag,” says Ryan Kleman, director of non-apparel buying at Moda Operandi. Minimalists can breathe a sigh of relief because this season’s bags have enough room to hold your day-to-day essentials, including your laptop, sunglasses, water bottle, shoes, hat, and dreams.

As covid-19 restrictions around the world ease and pent-up travel demand prompt many to finally book travel, consumers are planning vacations and packing big-ticket functional and fashion accessories.

balenciaga large bag
ysl large bag

Handbag Trend 2023: Office Bag

If we were to use one word to describe the past 3 years, most people would choose words related to the epidemic, such as COVID-19, pandemic, and stay at home.

Yes, in the past three years, the epidemic has seriously affected people’s normal work and life. As the epidemic affects people less and less, in 2023, many people will return to the office. When we meet again after 3 years, you must be looking forward to leaving a different look on your colleagues. An office bag is an essential tool for you.

We boldly predict that office bags that combine function and fashion will be popular throughout 2023.

prada office bag
tory  burch office bag

Handbag Trend 2023: Shiny Bag

Sparkle and shine aren’t just for New Year’s Eve. It’s all year round!

A shiny bag paired with a delicate gown is the best partner for a formal occasion, and it will elevate your entire look to a higher level.

Whether it’s metallic mesh, rhinestones, sequins, or diamonds, they all have the same effect that wins you all the compliments as you move across the dance floor.

hm sequin bag
zara beaded bag

Handbag Trend 2023: Woven Patterns

No one can resist the beauty of handmade. This is a kind of love for nature hidden deep in the human heart.

Whether the material comes from straw, rattan, genuine leather, or vegan leather, the beauty presented by the artisan’s meticulous weaving is so natural and desirable.

In 2023, let us return to nature while pursuing fashion, and enjoy this wonderful moment quietly.

mk women woven bag
women woven beach bag

Handbag Trend 2023: Personality Purse

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: the best trends are the ones uniquely suited to you and your mood.

With more and more personalized demands, bags of various niche designs emerge in an endless stream, and you will find that the handbag market in 2023 is no longer an era of uniqueness.

Personalized design, collocation, and color are more and more popular among people born after 2000. They pursue themselves and publicize their individuality, and handbags are a good example.

rainbow heart shape bag
heart decor sequare bag


The above are our guesses about the handbag trends in 2023. Welcome your message to communicate with us.

We are Uncle Nine Leather, a leading handbag company in China, with rich experience in the handbag field, can provide you with professional service.

If you want to wholesale or customize any type of handbag, we can provide you with one-stop design, development, search, production, and shipping services. Please feel free to contact us.


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