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Shiling International Leather Market

PU Bag Material Search

Shiling Town is a famous production base of artificial leather bags in China.

There are about 1,000 shops in Shiling International Leather City, selling all kinds of handbag raw materials and accessories, such as PU, PVC, cotton cloth, nylon cloth, denim, handbag hardware, chains, zippers, etc.


  1. Mostly used for bags
  2. Moderate price and quality
  3. Many in stock, low MOQ

Leather Bag Material Search

If you are engaged in the handbag industry and have been to Guangzhou, then you must have heard of Sanyuanli, the famous handbag spot sales market in Guangzhou.

In addition, Sanyuanli is also a famous leather material market in Guangzhou, where the quality of leather is very good, there are many kinds, and the hardware is also very high-end.


  1. Focus on genuine leather
  2. The handbag market next door is a great place to find new styles
  3. Great place to buy leather gifts for your friends and family

Textile Fabric Search

The world’s largest clothing fabric market is in Guangzhou. Before the epidemic, every 2-3 weeks, our employees would go there to find new materials. In 2023, our staff will return to the previous state, finding new materials for customers every month.


  1. The market is huge and covers almost all types of clothing fabrics.
  2. Many materials are suitable not only for clothing, but also for handbags.
  3. In addition to fabrics, there are many novelty accessories such as rubber stamps, lace, ribbons and more.

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