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Today, we want to share some handbag hardware knowledge. Whether you are a new buyer, a tailor enthusiast, or a professional designer, knowing the name of handbag hardware is very helpful for your work, and it is also easy to discuss with your team, and your suppliers, and fully explain your requirements.

Hardware Colors

First, let’s learn about hardware colors. There are five common hardware colors, namely silver, gun nickel (someone may call gun metal), light gold, brush bronze (someone may call antique brass), and rose gold. Among them, silver, gun nickel, and light gold are used the most.

Kindly know that silver and gun nickel are generally not subject to chromatic aberration, as different suppliers offer essentially the same color. However, the light gold color offered by each supplier will vary, so be sure to pay attention.

Now, let us learn the common handbag hardware one by one.


The main function of the connector hardware is to join together two different parts of the bag, usually one of which is detachable.

D Rings

D ring, also known as a “D-shaped ring”, as the name suggests, is like a “D” letter, one side is flat and the other side is curved.

Its main function is to connect the detachable shoulder strap on the bag, and it can also be used as an ornament on the bag.

In general use, a small piece of leather is passed around the flat, then folded back and secured to the bag. The curved side is for hook attachment.

O Rings

The O ring also called a circle ring, has the same usage and function as the D ring. But since all parts are curved, it is easier to move.

If you want to connect 2 backpack straps, an O ring is better than a D ring because it’s always the bigger size.

Rectangle Rings

The rectangular ring is so named because the hardware is shaped like a rectangle. If all four sides are equal in length, it is called a square ring.

Triangle Rings

A Triangle ring, or tri ting for short, is usually found on a backpack, not a handbag. In addition to its connecting function, it is also used for decoration.

Oval Rings

The oval ring has an interesting name, also called an egg ring, like an egg, oval. Usually, 2 oval rings are stacked together, which can be used to adjust the length of the shoulder strap and fix it.


O-clip, round snap buckle, gate ring, is a special type of connector hardware. It has a swing door that opens to remove it from the bag. Install it only when in use for a hidden effect.

Strap Hooks

A strap hook, snap hook, or swivel clip, is a kind of hook, we often use two together, fixed on both ends of the shoulder strap, buckled on the D buckle when in use, so that the handle bag can be turned into a shoulder bag.

It comes in many different shapes, but all function the same.

Sometimes we will use a small hook to hang a coin purse or charm on the handbag and sell it as an accessory with the handbag.


The so-called fasteners are the hardware that fixes some small objects on the bag. The most common is a rivet, although there are many types or shapes of it, we all call it a rivet, or add a shape modifier in front of it.


According to its shape, commonly used rivets include flat cap rivets, round cap rivets (or mushroom-shaped rivets), pyramid rivets, and bucket-shaped rivets.

A rivet usually consists of 2 parts. When used, the leather is sandwiched in the middle, the front is exposed, and the back is hidden behind the leather.

The front of some rivets is inlaid with artificial gemstones, shining brightly. This is a very beautiful decoration. While fixing it, it also plays a decorative role, killing two birds with one stone.

Sometimes, we will find some rivets at the bottom of large handbags or travel bags. Their function is to isolate the leather from the table (ground) and reduce the wear and tear of the leather during use.

In some positions, we need to expose both parts of the rivet for decoration, and at this time we need to use double-sided rivets (double cap rivets). Usually, both parts of a double-sided rivet are identical, often flat or mushroom-shaped.

Sometimes, we also use many rivets to form some patterns or letters, such as heart shapes, leaf shapes, brand logos, etc., just for decoration.


The two most common types of adjustment hardware are pin buckles and strap slides (adjustable strap slide, adjustable buckle, or slide buckles).

Pin Buckles

Pin buckle, or center bar buckle, has a small pin located in the center of the buckle. Typically used for straps, belts, or webbing with multiple punched holes, a pin is fed into the hole to join the two straps together. Adjust the length of the shoulder straps by adjusting the links between the hole and pin in different positions.

Strap Slide

Strap slides are often used to adjust the length of webbing or soft shoulder straps to accommodate people of different heights.

On the handbag, it is often combined with 2 strap hooks to form a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap.

Closure & Lock

The following are common closure & lock hardware.


Frame, or purse frame, or clasp, is a hardware often used on evening bags or coin purses, usually composed of two arch bridges, the two ends of which are connected, and the purpose of opening and closing the bag is achieved through the opening and closing of the arch bridges.

Some frames have 2 hanging ears on the inside or outside, which are used to hang the shoulder strap hooks, and free your hands.


Made up of four pieces of hardware. These are used for closures on bags and pockets and attachment points on straps.

Magnetic Snaps

Snaps can also be magnetic, called magnetic snaps, and consist of two or four pieces.

Some magnetic clasps have a small cap on one side, we can call them capped magnetic snaps, which are usually used on the flap of the bag to increase suction.

Invisible Magnetic Snaps

The invisible magnetic snap is just like its name, invisible, hidden under the leather, and consists of two pieces. They were covered with a small piece of fabric and placed on the back of the leather, usually with thread wrapped around them to make them more secure.

Turn Lock

Turn the deadbolt 90 degrees to separate them, which is where the turn lock gets its name, also called twist lock.

Press Lock

Press the deadbolt with your finger to separate it from the base, this is the press lock. It is often used on the flap so that it can be closely combined with the body of the bag.

Other Hardware

Metal Label

A metal label, or metal tag, is a small piece of metal with your brand logo printed on it to give your brand a premium look. There are usually 2 feet on the back to secure it to the handbag.

Tassel Cap

Tassel Cap, is a small cap that holds a pretty decorative tassel and has a hole to hang it on the bag.

Edge Trim

The edge trim is a metal trim that wraps around the edge of the bag, it is a kind of decoration for a tote bag and it looks great.


The corner is a kind of decoration on the corner of the bag. We usually use 2 or 4 at a time, but not singular. This is for symmetrical aesthetics.


Eyelets or grommets are often used for pocket openings. Generally, there are 6 or more in a group. They are worn with a soft rope, and the two ends of the rope are tightened to shrink the mouth of the bag to achieve the effect of closing the bag.


In addition to the common handbag hardware described above, there is much other hardware such as cord ends (bullets), zipper ends, decorative hardware, and more. We won’t introduce them one by one here.

If you need help, please feel free to contact our professional sales team, and we will answer your questions as soon as possible.


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