Custom Bags And Backpacks With Logo

a red custom bags with Uncle Nine Leather logo

Do you want to custom bags and backpacks with own logo?

If yes. Follow below steps, Uncle Nine Leather Bags Factory will help you design unique bags and backpacks for your brand.

male client is talking about custom bags with our worker in office

1. Tell us about your brands, as below news.

  • Take about your brand story.
  • Which season bags you are developing?
  • Do you have own design? If yes, give us your design. Don’t worry we will keep your design secret.
  • What’s your target price? Tell us please.

2. Choose bags shape

We show different bags shape as below. Choose bags shape first, then we will share our newest style bags for reference.

custom bags shape for choose

3. Choose material and color

6 materials for custom women bags

Most of women bags are made by above 6 kinds of materials. 

  • Genuine leather, PU leather and suede leather are widely used for all bags shape.
  • Canvas and nylon are popular for backpack and shopping bags.
  • Straw is normally used for spring and summer season bags, most popular for beach bags.

For bags color, we will ship color swatches to your office for selection.

4. Discuss about Logo type

The logo is the soul of your bag and the most powerful symbol of your brand.

An eye-catching and unique logo can best attract customers’ attention and make customers remember this logo.

We provide customers with a variety of customized logos, such as embossing, debossing, golden stamping, silver stamping, silicone logos, hardware logos, etc.

Contact with us if you have any question about logo.

5. Confirm package type for your custom bags

The unique tag design gives customers a refreshing feeling after they get the bag.

The outer packaging is not only the protection of the bag, but also a way of spreading your own brand.

If you are not very sensitive to price, independent gift bag packaging may be a good choice, which is generous and high-end.

Communicate with our professional team and listen to their opinions, you will have more choices for the packaging of bags.

Contact us now, get your custom bags sample within 10 days