The Four Common Women’s Fashion Bag Materials

  The quality of bag materials is customer’s first impression of this product. This first feeling may determine whether a customer will buy a bag.

  Therefore, using the right material has a big impact on sales.

  Before starting your work, designer must understand properties of different materials and then choose the right material to design your bag collection.

  Below are the four common women’s fashion bag materials. 

Women tote bag made by crocodile PU material

A. Vegan leather (PU leather), the most widely used and common material.

  More than 95% of hot selling women bags on the market are made of vegan leather.

  The characteristics of vegan leather are:

  1. Economy, environmental friendly, rich in color and pattern. It can be used in various fashion bags such as handbag, shoulder bag, backpack, wallet, etc.

  2.You can redesign many craftsmanship on vegan leather surface: such as printing, embroidery, laser, embossing, etc.

  3. Available in different thicknesses. So you can use it for different styles of bags such as soft bags, semi-structured bags, structure bags, etc.

B. Canvas, a better choice for cheap bags

  Generally speaking, the price of canvas is about half of vegan leather. With the same design, the price of canvas bag is 15%-25% cheaper than vegan leather bag.

  Maybe, you have a question, the canvas material is half price of vegan leather. After made bag, why is canvas bag not half price of vegan leather bag? Haha… Because we have other costs besides materials, such as hardware, labor costs, packaging costs, and so on.

  So, if you are developing gift bags or promotional bags, maybe you can choose canvas as the shell material.

Cheap white canvas handbag
summer beach straw bag made by corn husk

C. Straw, the best material for summer bags

  The two main characteristics of straw material are natural and degradable.

  Due to woven by hand, straw bag surface may be a little rough. Also it may have some flaws, such as color difference, scars and so on. Because straw is nature product, we cannot remove or change those flaws when making straw bag.

D. Denim, an alternative choice for street fashion

  Denim bags represent freedom and unrestrainedness.

  Young people who advocate freedom love handbag, shoulder bag and backpack made of soft denim.

Freedom design women denim bag

  Those are four common materials for women’s fashion bags that we would like to share with you.

  Some readers will ask, why not nylon and genuine leather? Aren’t these two materials also very common?

  According to the statistics of our factory’s production quantity over years, the proportion of nylon material used in fashionable women’s bags is less than 1%. It is mostly used for some unisex bags or men bags, such as travel backpack, computer bag, etc. Therefore, we do’t think nylon is one of common materials of women bags.

Genuine leather has most properties of vegan leather and is better than vegan leather. But it has two fatal flaws.

  1. Price is too high. Fashion women bags are updated very fast. Genuine leather bag is too expensive for fashion pursuits.
  2. And this material is very unfriendly to animal lovers.

  Therefore, we also exclude genuine leather from the common materials.

  In a all, designers can only attract more customers by designing bags according to characteristics of materials.

  If you have any questions about bag materials, please contact us. Also, we can help you find the most popular bag materials from China market and ship color swatches to your office. Please email us.


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